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Dress a Rescue Swimmer - 2021 

Many of you have taken a swim in the Chesapeake Bay or its tributaries. When you swim for recreation, you typically swim in optimal conditions. Warmer waters, low wind days, and areas known to be cleaner than others is preferred. Unfortunately for our rescue swimmers, they do not get to choose their environment or conditions. Extreme cold, hazardous material, fecal matter and deadly bacteria are all examples of risks our rescuers potentially face when they enter the water. We are asking  for your help ensuring our rescuers are protected when they volunteer to help others.


Protecting a rescuer from the elements of the Chesapeake can be challenging as there is no one size fits all equipment to accommodate the diversity of our team. Each team member needs to be custom fit for their equipment and sharing sets is simply not an option.


Please take a few moments to view the cost of the items , and the quantity needed to reach our goal. If you are able to give, each contribution made will purchase vital equipment and we will be sure to update our progress as we go.     

Swimmer Gear.jpg

Item      Gifts Needed   Gifts Pledged    Goal Met?   

Dry Suit                          4                                         1                                    No  

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

PFD/Vest                        4                                         4                                    Yes!  

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

DeLuca Electric, Harford County MD (3)

Boots                              4                                         1                                    N0  

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Helmet                           4                                         1                                     No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Fins                                 4                                         1                                     No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Rope Bag                       4                                         1                                     No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Gear Bag                       4                                         1                                   No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Gloves                            4                                        1                                     No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Rescue Knife                 4                                        1                                     No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Head Lamp                   4                                        0                                     No 

Key Systems, White Marsh MD

Previous Campaigns-


$50,000- Grant Match Capital Campaign

We Did It!!!

You Pledged $50,595 in 55 Days!

Gift Amount        Gifts Needed               Gifts Pledged            Matching Funds          Total raised                            

$10,000.00                      1                                     2  (Goal Met!)           $22,000                         $44,000

Sullivans Garage, Essex Md

Ladies Auxiliary, BQVFD ($12,000)                       

$5,000.00                        2                                     1  (1 Gift Away!)       $6,000                           $12,000

Bowleys Marina, Bowleys Quarters MD ($6,000 term) 

$2,500.00                        3                                     1   (2 Gifts Away!)     $2,500                            $5,000

Private Gift, Bowleys Quarters MD 

$1,500.00                        4                                     4    (Goal Met!)          $6,500                          $13,000

Walmart, Carroll Island

Eastern Marine Services, Baltimore MD

Oliver Beach Community Association ($2000)

Bri-Bet Security Solutions, Middle River MD

$1,000.00                        5                                     4   (1 Gift Away!)      $4,290                            $8,580

Charlie & Rays Automotive, Essex MD

Bay Country Professional Concrete, Middle River MD

Sunset Cove, Middle River MD

Facebook Giving Tuesday Match ($1,290)

$750.00                           6                                     1                                   $750                             $1,500

Ravens Roost #139, Bowleys Quarters

$500.00                           7                                     10 (Goal Met!)            $5,050                        $10,100 

Hammond Bowerman & Associates, Bowleys Quarters MD

Walmart, Corporate

Private Donation, Baltimore MD

John Heagy Remodeling, Restoration & Construction, Hunt Valley MD

Private Donation, Abingdon MD ($550)

Key Title Inc., Bel Air MD

SS Canvas, Bowleys Quarters MD

Immaculate Detailing, Baltimore MD

Coastal Bay Farms, Bowleys Quarters MD

Private Donation, Bowleys Quarters MD 

$250.00                           8                                     6  (2 Gifts away!)       $1,550                           $3,100

Bird River Beach Community Association ($300)

Bowleys Quarters Improvement Association

Private Donation, Perry Hall MD

Private Donation, Middle River MD

Private Donation, Middle River MD

Private Donation, Cockeysville MD

Under $250               Multiple                              38                               $1,955                           $3,910

Total from Pledges: $50,595      Total from Grant Match: $50,595      Total Funds Raised: $101,190


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